Travel Agencies in Singapore

Top 5 Travel Agencies in Singapore

For Singaporeans, travelling has become more of a need than a want – be it a timely break from work and other responsibilities, or an opportunity to interact and bond with family, friends or even other like-minded travellers. However, finding the time to research and plan your vacation meticulously isn’t exactly easy, especially when you’re juggling work and other commitments in life.

This is where travel agencies come in; they are able to help plan and organise your entire travel itinerary down to the smallest detail, giving you the best recommendations on the best attractions and sights to visit, interesting activities and fulfilling experiences that you shouldn’t miss, and local delicacies that you have to try out. For some, this might seem like a veritable nightmare, but it could be a lifesaver for others who don’t have the time to spare, and for families, this would mean fewer details and decisions to agonise over.

If you’re looking for a hassle-free holiday, you might want to consider checking out some of Singapore’s best travel agencies to get started on planning your next trip.


EU Holidays

EU Holidays is a good place to start if you’re looking at tours to Europe and USA at reasonable prices. Founded in 2010, this up-and-coming travel agency specialises in such tours, offering a pretty comprehensive selection of tour packages to Europe and USA, and giving travellers the option to choose between their ‘premium’ or ‘cost-saver’ packages. They also offer trips venturing further to Finland and Scandinavia, as well as more exotic places like Iran, Madagascar and Tunisia. Travellers looking at destinations within the region can also check out their range of tours to Asian countries like China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Bhutan and Uzbekistan under its regional arm, EU Asia Holidays.

Within a relatively short time, EU Holidays has racked up a long list of awards and accolades, proving itself to be among the top travel agencies in Singapore. EU Holidays has also been consistently recognised as the top travel agency for Europe and USA tours by and Weekender Singapore.


Dynasty Travel

One of the big names in the travel industry, Dynasty Travel has been around since 1978 and is well recognised among Singaporeans. With 40 years of experience, the company offers the added assurance of a good track record, even though their prices might be on the high side. The travel agency is renowned for their tours to Hong Kong and Macau, with some including places like Zhuhai and Shenzhen as well. They also provide tours to other unique destinations like India, Cambodia and Laos.

Dynasty Travel is also perhaps the most technologically-savvy out of all the travel agencies. Their website and mobile application allow travellers to not only compare prices based on different departure dates and airlines, they have also made it much easier to book group tours and make payment online by implementing such technological innovations.


Chan Brothers

One of the most reputable travel agencies in Singapore, Chan Brothers is a trusted brand that has won plenty of prestigious awards, such as the Best Travel Agency award by TTG Asia, since its inception in 1965. With more than 50 years of perfecting the holiday experience, Chan Brothers offers one of the widest selection of tours to destinations in Asia, Europe and America, which includes unusual locations like Serbia, Croatia, Georgia and Armenia.

Chan Brothers also has an array of celebrity tours led by popular local personalities, ranging from well-liked radio DJs to Mediacorp artiste Ya Hui and celebrity chef Eric Teo. These specialty tours offer unique holiday experiences for first-time and seasoned travellers alike who are looking for something different.


CTC Travel

Since 1990, CTC Travel has built a name for itself in the industry, placing a stronger focus on Asian destinations. They specialise in tours to unique places in China, such as Chaoshan, Tulou, Huangshan and Jiuzhaigou. That said, they also provide packages to Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East, as well as a variety of cruises to choose from. Travellers are also able to customise their tours according to their preferences and needs, whether you’re looking for self-drive itineraries or more adventurous options.

Similar to Chan Brothers, CTC Travel also offers celebrity-led tours with a focus on travellers from the older demographic. They have a range of trips hosted by long-time celebrities like Rayson Tan, Lim Mooi Keow and Cavin Soh, most of them familiar faces who are well-liked by older Singaporeans.


UOB Travel

As its name suggests, UOB Travel is a trusted travel agency that’s also a wholly owned subsidiary of United Overseas Bank. Having 45 years of experience in the industry, UOB Travel provides a value-added, travel service platform for UOB’s retail and wholesale banking customers. Their range of offerings include assorted destination packages, land tours and cruises, and also hotel and flight deals and other exclusive offers for UOB cardholders.

What sets UOB Travel apart from the other travel agencies in the industry is its unique position as the travel arm of UOB, thus giving it the advantage of having strong financial backing, reliability and security.

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